New Release: It’s a Junglist Ting

It may be positively freezing outside, but the Run Tingz Cru are here to smash away those winter blues with thisRead more

Label: Run Tingz Recordings

Established in 2010 by G.Tactix and LXP, Run Tingz Recordings is a UK based record label and artist collective that showcases and represents a unique...

about Run Tingz Recordings

crew: Run Tingz members: G.Tactix (a.k.a. Ed Garrett) and LXP (a.k.a. Alex Parker)Read more

Vinyl release – Run Tingz Recordings 001

July 2010 see’s the eagerly anticipated debut release on Run Tingz Recordings.Read more

Release: Run Tingz Bootlegs 001

The first release on Run Tingz Bootlegs sees a 2 track EP (and a debut vinyl release) from our very own G.Tactix.Read more