Junglecast 02 / 2016 – DJ K | Raggajungle.biz exclusive podcast

Here is the second Junglecast by DJ K – this time with exclusive shouts from Steppa Style. Big respect to DJ K (killarecords.com) for this! […]

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DJ K Live at Junglist Call, Cross Club Prague CZ

Here is the complete and un-edited set DJ K played in Prague in January 2016. It’s a pretty typical show – lots of his own remixes, lots of jungle productions by his friends and a couple of unexpected tunes. […]

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Vote: Top 2015 Mixes on Raggajungle.biz

This is a selection of the most viewed mixes in 2015 on raggajungle.biz. With this vote we wanna support all our jungle-friends and -dj’s who are showing us their mixing skills with their own selections of tunes. […]

DJ K – Killa Podcast 91

Forthcoming releases and exclusive dubs, strictly jungle selected by DJ K! […]

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DJ K – Summer Kush Festival 2015 Promomix

Featuring tracks/remixes by festival performers Dub Liner, Omen Breaks, E-Coli, Jamie Bostron, Default, Jman, Mr Multiplex, Tropmanga, DJ K, Els in Wonderland, Bman, Positive Fyah, Specter and Socle. […]

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A beginner’s guide to Jungle Music by DJ K

When I meet new people, the inevitable question always is: “what do you do?”. Most can grasp the concept of what a DJ is, and with a little additional explanation it is understandable, that as a producer I can string my own tracks together into a DJ set. […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 86

A few interesting finds in here, some exclusives (thank you Shaka Itchi, Saint Kuz, Feyder and Jahoora), something new from the one and only Krinjah, a new version of Badness, powerful tunes and extremely laid-back ones […]

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DJ K – MTFU! Promo Mix

Promo mix by DJ K (@thirtyoneseconds) for the upcoming release and release party from Mash The Fuck Up! on the the 18th of April 2015. […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 69

All new tunes, extra-heavy edition by DJ K. […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 68

Here is the number 68 of the Killarecords Podcast by DJ K outta Leipzig/germany. Boom! […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 52 – 55

Just download and listen to the latest podcasts by DJ K. All Killa podcasts you can find @killarecords.com. […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast V.51

Jungle Producers Spotlight: Belgium & Holland w/ MONKEYBUSINESS BMAN & 2TIMES + interviews with MAYSR & LIONDUB […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 44

DJ K – Killa Podcast V.44 – atmospheric, ragga jungle, hardcore, drumstep […]

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Killa Podcast 46 – discussion edition with Tester

part one with Tester:
This Spring I stopped in my home country Canada […]

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DJ K – December 2011 live MINI MIXES & Killa Podcast V.41

Killa Podcast Discussion episode 6, this time with STEPKILLAH […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 40 /discussion

I had been meaning to catch up with the man behind Dub Chamber since starting the discussion podcasts […]

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DJ K – Exclusive K Mag-Mix

“DJ K from Killa Records has spent the last few years sampling the delights […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 38 (discussion)

DJ K: In the Killa Podcast Discussion episode 4, I catch up backstage with oldschool legend Bizzy B […]

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DJ K – August 2011 live mix (jump-up & drumstep)

A short unplanned impromptu mix session on my 12′s […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 37

A mixed bag of high-octane Remixes, Dubwise, Ragga Jungle, Drumstep, Hip Hop, Party Jams, Hardcore Mash-up & Emo Breakcore. […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 36

For the third discussion edition of the Killa Podcast, here is a shorter-format with guest Doctah Jahngle […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 35

Tune into the second episode discussion edition Killa Podcast. […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 34

“Tune in to the very first spoken word Killa Podcast. I sat down on an Austrian Spring morning with Amadeus (NYC) […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 33

Feature mix for Beat Supreme on Radio Soundportal, Graz Austria (May 4th 2011). […]

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DJ K – Juke ‘N Drumstep

Marrying this unlikely couple was surprisingly less complicated than anticipated. […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 32

DJ K: So why CAN’T jungle, drum & bass, dubwize, jump-up, drumstep, gangsta hip-hop, tech step and liquid all exist in peace and harmony in one mix? […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 31

This little recent sampler has a bit of everything that inspires me at a live show: energetic massive, conscious emcee, hits to dubs […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 30

With all the cutting and digital editing I’m up to these days it’s nice to just hit the decks and do some blending and melody mixing […]

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