Label: Outerbound Recordings


Outerbound started because at the time (7 years ago) new skool ragga jungle was not readily available and heavily under represented in europe. We wanted to help push the sound and have continued to work with individual artists, labels and distro’s to bring a wide selection of reggae influenced jungle, breakcore and drum n bass music. Along the way we have released and continue to actively release ragga jungle on our 3 imprints, Kingdom, Renegade Weed and Black Track.

After finding the shipping prices for the odd Ragga jungle release from North America to cost more than the actual record itself, it came to pass that something had to change. Buying direct from artists, small labels and distributors around the globe, we built up one of the first and best dedicated ragga jungle record shops. The ethos always, was to find the best tunes, keep them regularly stocked and provide a good service from us to the decks of the ragga heads out there. In 2006 we released 3 records which started our journey into running labels and signing tunes from artists we respected and enjoyed. The main shop closed on January first 2012, due to a lack of time Outerbound had to be stripped back or disappear for good, and we found that we couldn’t leave the music alone. Outerbound now is a home for our labels, friends and information on the music we love so much.