Dr. Colossus – Blast Radio Promo Mix


Dr. Colossus: Here is a mix I recorded a few months ago on radio. It is nearly all my own music. It had some volume problems in the original recording which I took forever sorting out hence why it has taken a minute for me to promote it. The mix is in many different styles. It moves from soundclash ragga-jungle, to sort of glitch hop, to orchestral things to d&b to mutant bass to post rock. I make music in a lot of different styles. This is one of the first mixes I have sort of combined all the threads together.


Dr. Colossus Promo Mix – Blast Radio 87.7fm 01/06/11
Dr. Colossus – Dub Fi Dub pt. 2
Dr. Colossus – Dub Fi Dub pt. 3
Soundmurderer – Fire Dub
Dr. Colossus – Topcat Dub
Intermission – The Offspring
Dr. Colossus – Iron Dub Feat. Max Romeo
Dr. Colossus – Drugs
Dr. Colossus – If I Could Save You, If I Could Save Me
Dr. Colossus – I Try – Kings Of The City (Dr. Colossus RMX)
Dr. Colossus – Rust Pt. II Feat. Kings Of The City
Dr. Colossus – Bassline Savage
LFO – Freak
52 Commercial Road – Reaching Sade

You can download a high quality version in 320kmp3 or FLAC here.