Criminal Instinct Volume 9


Fresh out of the studio, Criminal Instinct Volume 9- Now with 30% MORE JUNGLE. Kantankerous bloodclaat original bizness. RIP REMIX, CFA REMIX, TOPCAT REMIX, PINK FLOYD REMIX, GHOST IN THE SHELL, SOUTHPARK/ATHF REMIXES! DON’T MISS OUT on this scorching new edition to C&C Music Factory’s Criminal Instinct series. Samples include all the standards. This one feels like a joyous outing in a darkly lit basement, blazing spliffs in the shadows, and rinsing the gun at midnight whilst clouds drift by the crescent moon in Jamaica. Amen Heaven/Amen Hell.

Cassette Head – Listen Dub
Clip & Carbine – Feelin Kinda Nice
Clip & Carbine – Eyes Open
Clip & Carbine – R.I.P. Remix
Clip & Carbine – Cold Fresh Air Remix
Clip & Carbine – Exclusive
Cassette Head – Dark Style Bass
Martin Lawrence – Spambot VIP
Clip & Carbine – Moondance
Clip & Carbine – Dark Gunark
Clip & Carbine – Suck Yuh Mama VIP
Clip & Carbine – Gunshot Dub
Clip & Carbine – Rinse Music
Clip & Carbine – Borderclashghosted
Clip & Carbine – AK47
Clip & Carbine – ATHF Anthem

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