Clip & Carbine – Killer Instinct Vol. 1


ALL NEW MIX SERIES FROM CLIP & CARBINE. Heady ragga jungle beats, murderer stylee, and as always, all original. This new mix series is the next step from the Criminal Instinct installment- Killer Instinct takes the criminality of Clip & Carbine and takes it up a notch, with nods to hardcore, gabber, oldschool jungle, and ragga in a cacophony of murderation. Shouts out to all the regular listeners- Killer Instinct is sure to please your ears, tingle your brain, and deliver some of the most unapologetic DIY jungle on the scene right now. From the start, Killer Instinct Volume 1 brings fluttering high speed breaks coupled with the dark style bass. Roaring forward through the hourlong mix like a lion in Ethiopia, nipped at the heels by hyenas, the pure jungle vibes bring it dirty and raw, with layers of gritty breaks sizzling on top like a drug induced seizure. Features ‘Full Clip’, a rollicking technoid jungle lick- ‘Badman’ a supercat remix that calls out Libya- Hostel 2 VIP, a jungle follow up to the original dark style dubstep tune by Aecorpn- a bootleg smoke weed remix currently in the works- and a cheeky track from the recent Unjustified Records release, Pussyhole VIP.

To all you who have yet to check out C&C’s sound, now is the perfect opportunity to collect the first installment in what should be a fruitful mix series.
This one is for all the KILLAZ out there!!!



download here