Clip & Carbine – Criminal Instinct 8


NYC/Eastcoast Ragga Jungle- strictly underground. Criminal Instinct 8 is a mix of blunted ragga-jungle beats made by the Riddim Killaz. DJ Clip is one of the few female junglists still making ragga jungle, and she and Carbine’s sound remains severely underrated (don’t sleep). No sell out ting, fi real. All of this duo’s latest tracks, compiled into one 45 minute mix, with early 90s ragga samples- this is a must download for those who are into truly underground music. Features bangers and mash like ‘Take Your Time’ (a roller featuring old Mad Lion vox), ‘Sandwich Next Door’ (jungle with a brooding synth), and ‘808 and Amen Tune’ (no frills amenage).

Criminal Instinct 8 – All new tracks made by Clip & Carbine. Made by the underground for the underground. Big ups to all the heads worldwide.

1. Sayin Something
2. Murda Dem (ft. Carbine on the vox)
3. Extortion
4. Junglist Lobster
5. All Through The Night
6. I’m Comin
7. Satta VIP
8. Take Your Time
9. Listen Dub
10. 808 and Amen Tune
11. Sandwich Next Door
12. Trash Men

download em here (filedropper)