Label: Sub-Woofah Records

To mark the 4th anniversary of Sub-Woofah events on 15th June 2013, the first EP from the mighty Epicentre – “One Way/Champion Sound” was released and Sub-Woofah Records was born. […]

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Label: RIQ Yardrock Records

RIQ was formed back in 2008 from two of jungles foundation labels: I.Q Records and Runninz Records, we have bought them together to bring you RIQ YARDROCK all thing jungle drum & bass with a Yardrock style for the clean hearted junglist. […]

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Label: MoshUp Records

Dedicated to bringing purely mosh pit instigating tunage tearin thru every realm of jungalism leaving a seeping guttural trail of blood, sweat, and other bodily secretions, but we know thats how u luv it! […]

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Label: Rawkus Noise Records

Rawkus Noise Records is going to showcase a wide selection of Underground music, spanning many tempos and styes. With each release roughly the same speed. […]

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about Congo Natty – Rebel MC / Congo Natty Recordings

name: Congo Natty aka Rebel MC
genre: Jungle Reggae roots dubwise
label: Congo Natty Recordings […]

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Label: Brukout Recordings

Artists: Brukout Foundation, Dope Ammo, Marvellous Cain, Shaddy MC, Dj Tricky, Johne Bravo […]

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Label: Break Koast Records

more information @

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label: Chop’em Down Sound

Chop’em Down Sound – A label started in 2007 and since then only putting out- “Pure Mash Up Ragga Jungle” […]

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Label: Green Bay Wax

Green Bay Wax is a brand new label/collective uncompromisingly putting out exclusively 90s style Jungle & Ragga Jungle. […]

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Label: LionDub International

liondub international music
nyc | toronto | london | kingston

genre: drum & bass, reggae, jungle, dubstep, dub […]

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Label: Dubwise Station

Dubwise Station Recording is all about Reggae influenced bass music. […]

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Label: Beat Lab Recordz

Beat Lab is a Ragga Jungle label setup by two jungle heads Spearian and Master Editor from london, UK. Est. 2009. […]

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Label: Kings Connect Recordings

Check and

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Label: BadDog Jungle

Currently inactive label with nice releases! Check BadDog Jungle here.

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Label: Killa Records

DJ K is a Newschool Jungle DJ & Producer from Ottawa Canada. He has been prolific in the jungle / drum & bass scene since 1999 starting in Canada and North America and has been touring Europe since 2008. DJ K became famous from releases in the early millenium on N2O and Big Cat Records L.A. and soon afterwards many releases through various other record labels, as well as a growing catalog of over 100 unreleased tracks played exclusively at live shows. KILLA RECORDS is DJ K’s record label featuring […]

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Label: Outerbound Recordings

Outerbound started because at the time (7 years ago) new skool ragga jungle was not readily available and heavily under represented in europe. We wanted to help push the sound and have continued to work with individual artists, labels and distro’s to bring a wide selection of reggae influenced jungle, breakcore and drum n bass music. Along the way we have released and continue to actively release ragga jungle on our 3 imprints, Kingdom, Renegade Weed and Black Track.

After finding the shipping prices for the odd Ragga jungle release from […]

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Label: Dubnest Recordings

Dubnest Recordings is a record label outta barcelona/spain.

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Label: Warlord Dubplate

Welcome to Warlord Dubplate, where old school roots morphs with new school sounds. It is our goal to put out quality music by today’s top artists. Warlord Dubplate is distributed by and is available at all good digital music stores. Artists: Ragga Scum, Direct Feed, Rcola, Twinhooker, Sixfootunda, Prodigal Son, the Archangel, DJ Ramza, Ekim, Mainframe, Unsoundboy, Policy

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Label: Unjustified Records

Unjustified records is an outlet of music from the established multi genre event UNJUST and was started with the sole purpose of releasing
great sounding music, regardless of genre.

We are not held back by styles or conformity, we release what we ‘like’, This encompasses all genres of music from jungle to gabber, dub to hardstyle, breakcore to dnb, ragga to IDM and beyond.

Our artist roster is ever-growing and shows little signs of stopping, with artists from UK, Poland, Australia, Germany, Iceland and across the United States, it shows the diversity of […]

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Label: Top Drawer Digital

J Tek / New Skool Jungle Techno is a new style of music taking its ethos from the original Jungle Techno from around 1992-94, but speeding up the tempos and using todays high end production tecniques to give its own unique sound.

By fusing 4X4 rhythms with syncopated funky Breakbeats and taking insperation from many styles of music including House, Jungle, Drum and Bass, Acid, Techno, Electro, Dub and Reggae at tempos between 140-150 Bpm it is the ideal crossover music , enabling D.J’s who want to vary the styles of […]

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Label: Run Tingz Recordings

Established in 2010 by G.Tactix and LXP, Run Tingz Recordings is a UK based record label and artist collective that showcases and represents a unique brand of Reggae influenced Jungle & Drum n Bass music.

Run Tingz Recordings is by far the most exciting Jungle label to come out of the UK in recent times…
Tobie Scopes (Serial Killaz / Congo Natty / Nu Urban Music)

Striving to promote the links between these two diverse cultures, Run Tingz is committed to working and collaborating with artists within both communities. With some of the […]

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Label: Satta Sounds

Satta Sounds is a raggajungle record label outta UK founded in 2008.
Raw Jungle & Raggajungle influenced rom the UK sound system culture.

Artists: Dub-Liner, Vocoda, PASTAMAN, _Jester_, Dr…um, SIXTEENARMEDJACK, BossLady Productions, The Mighty Dreadnaut

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Label: Mashed Youths Records

Fresh ragga-jungle label from Russia.
Established January 29, 2010.

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Label: Lickshot Recordings

Ragga Jungle label from The Netherlands.
Set up in 2009 by Junglefever & Bong Selecta, here to provide strictly yard music on limited 10″ vinyl!
All releases you can find on Discogs.

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Label: Labelless Records

With the aim of showcasing upfront quality Jungle & Drum n Bass sounds in the form of vinyl; Labelless Records was established in 2012 by Dj, Producer, & junglist enthusiast DJ Scooter.

With support & forthcoming releases from artists: Bay B Kane, DJ L.A.B., Nickynutz, Junglord, Default, Vocoda, Liam Motive, Marv-In-Blue, SIXTEENARMEDJACK

And support from DJ’s: Jah Killin & Scooter, JAH KILLIN, DJ What the Bleep, hawstyle, Dj Shinma, Default


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Label: Junglist Manifesto

Junglist Manifesto Recordings began in 2009 as a way to release a large catalouge of Chili Banks & Moh Pai dubplates. The idea was to release all of these one off tunes that were made for specific parties and dubplates which had been produced over the previous decade. Both artists are heavily influenced by the Original Jungle sounds of yesterday year. Branding the labels style “True School” it has gained a following across the globe and grown to include a number great artists.

Canadian Ragga Jungle legend Sixteenarmedjack, as well as […]

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Label: In Da Jungle Recordings

In Da Jungle Recording is a global effort to bring forth cutting edge talent in drum and bass. The label is comprised of 3 key members: Nitrous (Canada), Nick & Erina Z (Germany) and Battledrone (Belgium).

Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and preferred styles, IDJR is focusing on Drum and Bass and represent the drum and bass community as a whole. Each release on the In Da Jungle Recording label brings something new to the table not only in terms of the label’s catalogue but also in terms of […]

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Label: Dykpie Recordings

The Dykpie Recordings mission is to cater your Amen addiction with a lavishing of tasty jungle tunez . also a thew added courses of drums and bass along the way, enjoy your meal. Dykpie styleee!

in the kitchen serving up:
The Mighty Dreadnaut
General Waste

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