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The aim of this area is to ensure you have plenty of information to help you decide if Raggajungle.biz is the right site for you to advertise on, with the right audience for your product and then to help you get the best return from your investment with us.

Ads may not contain nudity, vulgar language or drugs. All ads are subject to approval before going live.
There will be no more than 5 ads (including Google- & Amazon Ads) on the site at any point in time which leaves you with maximum exposure. For larger ad spaces please contact us for more info. Ad spots are available on a first come first serve basis. File types are .jpg, .gif (still-no animated gif’s), .png or swf.

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You can advertise your EP, LP, tunes, website or any other product with following possibilities:

  • medium rectangle in sidebar
  • own navigation point with extra page
  • article teaser on homepage

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