about Emo Headache

dj-name: Emo Headache
labels: Off Me Nut Records, Unjustified Records, Imperial Crew
link: clipcarbine.bandcamp.com

Free music artist Brendan Hooker O’Connell, the man behind Clip & Carbine, launches his mashcore/jungle side project: Emo Headache.

Started after the success of his recent “Turn or Burn LP” experimental B-Side which mixed rock/pop and gabbermashup, E. Headache turns shitmat syle gabber/mashcore into speed infused DIY punk remixes, pushing the limits of breakbeat music once again. “Ma Terror”, a track off of his premier “Punk Propaganda LP” rips through the temple of space with the abandon of a squatter bum and the intensity of a nuclear meltdown, sampling Troma Films catch all “let’s go make some art!” as a so-called “hook”.
Other tracks include “Girl Party”, a ragga jungle amen mashup with emo vocals rather than patois toasting, takes the classic oldschool jungle amen mashup and pushing it beyond conventions; and “Sub Gutter Gabba”, sampling classic punk indie film “Suburbia”.

E. Headache touches on Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop”, Stephen Kings’ “The Pet Semetary”, The Adicts’ “Calling Calling”, and even thrashes on a guitar for the opening track of “Punk Propaganda LP” called “A Sociopath Song” which samples House of 1,ooo corpses.

Think breakcore from a producer honed in the old-school production chops of ragga jungle, as Clip & Carbine have been producing for 10 years.
All material under E. Headache’s bandcamp page is %100 free to download in high fidelity format.
For all you excited to hear what don sound Clip & Carbine has been up to:

“This project is dedicated to an LP we were on in 2010 on Off Me Nut Records called the Riddim Killaz LP. If anyone wants a good face full of wrong music style mashcore, look no further. Emo Headache is the Genuine Article. Currently, you can find me randomly broadcastin on psychoradio.org. I also do vocal work for my crew, Imperial, on www.dnbheaven.com every tuesday @ 7 pm EST 12 GMT. Tune in! Forthcomming material under Clip & Carbine with Bloodyfeet and Mashed Youths. Shouts out to Xavier, Indica, Kid Lib, Gammy, Champa B, Percsy P, Dankle, R.A.W. for the support, Droid for the dubs, Junglinsky, Jungle Fever, all the Off Me Nut fam, Igit & Feyder out east, don’t forget 2 Times!!!…and big respect to all the DnB Heaven/Psychoradio listeners. Nuff quality DnB every Tuesday with NCIMPERIAL SESH!”

-E.H. aka C&C aka MC John Oswald