about DJ Launch


name: DJ Launch
crew: Clockwork Heads
style: old skool / nu skool jungle
started: 2004
outta: Moscow / Russia
birth: 01/11/1987
email: contact DJ Launch
weblink: clockworkheads.blogspot.com

Launch – Music of Bad Guys (different jungle mix) – download
01.D-Jahsta – Warlike Fightah (dubplate)
02.Rhygin – Murdah
03.Tribe Of Issachar – Fever (Defending Souljah)
04.Igit ft. Top Cat – Gal U Look Nice (dubplate)
05.Rhygin – Kingz
06.Jahba – Bare Arms (dubplate)
07.FeyDer – That’s My Number (dubplate)
08.Mana Boom – Happy Image (dubplate)
09.Dissonance – Human Exploit
10.Technical Itch – Apocalypse Watch
11.V4A9 – Buss Ma Gun (dubplate)
12.Superkopter – Ninjah Killa
13.Mana Boom – Nord (dubplate)
14.Storm Crew – Password
15.Storm Crew – Luquid Sky
16.Storm Crew – Fever 95
17.Jah Conda – Cyaan Too Much (dubplate)
18.Igit – Elena (dubplate)

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  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeee… big up, bro!!!
    This is real badman!

    *sorry, I’m not speak English!

  2. Respectaaaa ma bredrennn lol xD

  3. Big up man! Glad to see u here!! Big respect to CWH!!
    Bless man, hope to see u soon:)

  4. nice job ~

  5. yeah !!!! big up all crew & all junglist massive !!!!

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