dj-names: Curfew Steppas Productions (CSP = Easy Espen & Pop I)
dj-crew: Curfew Steppas Sound
outta: Oslo, Norway
style: Digital. Rub A Dub, Roots , Ragga Jungle
starting: Curfew Steppas Sound was founded in 2005.

Curfew Steppas Productions:
CSP is the production duo; Easy Espen & Pop I. They focus mainly on producing riddims and remixes of Ragga Jungle / Drum n Bass.
They collectively have wide experience from many styles of music ranging from hard core Punk to Jungle. This is easily recognized through their productions with its “Real & Live” sound. Stay tuned for the CSP Label launch and collabs with Sleepy Wonder, Nico D, Lutan Fire, Diego Jah and many more to come. Large Up!

Curfew Steppas Sound:
Curfew Steppas Sound from out of Oslo, Norway. The sound was founded in Oslo in May of 2005 and concists of 5 members: Easy Espen (Selector & Sound Engineer) Josy Wise (Selector), Jack The Ritter (Selector), Fyah Vibes (Selector) & Pop I (Engineer)
Curfew Steppas are devoted to reggae music & culture. We take pride in recording dubplates to personalize our musical style, but we dont concider ourself a clash sound, rather a good vibes sound! Musicwise, the style is often variated to blend in to every crowd. Up to di time dancehall, 80..s digital to the roots of foundation all to make the massive dance and enjoy themselfs.