Junglecast 10 / 2016 – Stivs | Raggajungle.biz exclusive podcast

This is a very very special top secret Junglecast by Stivs from bristol/uk with 17 tunes by himself and with Katch Pyro, DSC, Kelvin 373 and some remixes.

Video: Top Cat live @Ram Jam, Electric Brixton

Here is a 26 minutes video review with Top Cat @ Ram Jam, Electric Brixton on 15th october 2016.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 105

This is a bonus mix – he felt a little guilty for not putting much jungle in last week’s podcast, so here’s an all-jungle edition!

Radj – Jungle Fever 4

DJ Radj is back with his Jungle Fever series.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 104

Over one hour of moody dnb/jungle ranging from epic to minimal.

EP: Jungle Cat Vol. 1

Jungle Cat Records released a heavy amen bangin vinyl EP with tunes by Omen Breaks, Dub Liner, Simply Dread and Darkseid & Junior Soprano.

EP: Reset by Future Jungle Music

Future Jungle 4-track EP with well known FeyDer, BR, Superkopter, RNBWS and D.I.S.

EP: L​.​A​.​B. – More Love

Fresh jungle release with 3 tunes out on Jigsore! Chase away those autumn blues with Ragga Jungle fire from DJ L.A.B. for just 2 pounds.

EP-Release: Sound Shifter – Spectrum Ends

Sound Shifter makes his debut on Ruff Guidance Records with a solid 5 track EP consisting of prime cuts full of Jungle / D&B goodness.


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Junglist Network Winter 2016 Clothing Range

Junglist Network releases their 2016 Winter Clothing Collection for Junglists. After the success of our Summer range they have been working tirelessly to take their Jungle streetwear to the next level.


This is a special mix for the DJ mix contest timed to coincide with the arrival of The Prodigy in Nizhny Novgorod.

Clip & Carbine – Vintage Jungle Roast V.I.P

Reachin’ out to all the sensi smokers and fans of vintage jungle

Benny Page – Welcome To The Jungle 4 – Compilation

39 tracks, 10 FX sounds and a full mix. This isn’t any old slice of afternoon cake you might share your elderly neighbour or distant relative…

6Blocc – Dub Marley – Remix Album

6Blocc is back with a monster 16-track remix album. This time he revisits some of Bob Marley’s most irie songs and takes them into the future with surreal dubby magic.

DJ #9 – Ragga Classics Vol. 2

This is an old school ragga jungle mix going back to 1994. It is the second volume in a series called Ragga Jungle Classics.

Vinyl release: Psychodynamik IV

Vinyl release on Psychoquake Records with Ed Solo, Krafty Kuts, Featurecast, Dope Ammo, Run Tingz Crew, Virgo Don, Kursiva, Jahba, Clasiko, Isaac Maya and Blackout J.A.

Junglecast 09 / 2016 – D.I.S | Raggajungle.biz exclusive podcast

This is Junglecast number nine by D.I.S from chemnitz/germany with 29 jungle weapons with a tracklist you need to read only once! Tunes by FeyDer, Supa Ape, Vocoda, L.A.B, Rhygin, Tropmanga, Omen Breaks and more!

Radj – Jungle Fever 3

Here is the third instalment of his Jungle Fever series.

Little Monster – Back to the Jungle

Phat tunes, rude bass & feet stomping beats! What more d’ya need? Junglista Little Monster on three decks for your pleasure with tunes by Simply Dread, Stivs, Default, Tropmanga, Krinjah, Vocoda, LAB, 16 AJ, HoT, Supa Ape, Nicky Nutz and more.

#tbf 2007: Jungle Lion Sound – Lion Sessions 2

One of my first raggajungle mixes i’ve ever posted and i still in love with is a mix called “Lion Sessions 2” selected by ma breddas D.I.S & Base aka JUNGLE LION SOUND from germany.

Release: Supa Ape – Natural Selections EP

Supa Ape from Manchester/UK release his debut EP out 30th august 2016 and he is real excited about this one. This release comin out on UK JUNGLE RECORDS.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 102

Here is podcast number 102 by DJ K with 18 topatop (for sure!) jungle tunes and remixes inna 45 minutes.

Release: Satta Sounds 6

Satta Sounds released a limited edition 2 x 12″ vinyl release SS006.