#JNGL Wear: New Styles In Our Shop!

We love simple things. Hoodie & Shirt for Junglists & Junglistaz in black and white. or other colors, just choose for yourself.

Mizeyesis – Everyday Junglist Podcast 04/16

Miss Mizeyesis from the US presenting her second Everyday Junglist Podcast. Booyaa!

Release: Junglist Ronin Remixes (Mighty Dreadnaut)

The Junglist Ronin Remixes featuring DJ Hybrid, Kosine, Supa Ape, Setwon, Xian Juan and The Mighty Dreadnaut!

Vinyl Junkie & Rachael E.C – D&B/Jungle Mix Vol. 2

Here’s an upfront Jungle DnB mix, a massive big up to all the artists involved and a shout to all the labels and those who work hard to get this music out there.

Radj – Jungle Fever 2

Radj from montreal presenting his second edition of Jungle Fever.

Vlad Cheis – Ragga Style

Vlad Cheis’ Dubwise Drum’n’bass & Ragga-Jungle B-Day Set 2016.

Video/Tune: Pece/Grem – Wehpon Hex

“Wehpon Hex” is a newest cooperation between a producer known as Pece and a rapper/vocalist by the name Grem (both from a Cracow-based multigenre group called WOOFpaq).

Mr. Kingston – Ragga Jungle Summer Mix 2016

Mr.Kingston recorded a musical soundtrack of this summer as a mix of Ragga-Jungle and Drum’n’Bass chunes!

Releases: Band Of Jungle Brothers

12 track compilation from veteran and up and coming producers. Styles ranging from Dubwise D&B, OldSchool flavored Jungle, Hardcore Jungle, and of course Ragga Jungle.

Mashed Youths Records – Total Rewind EP

This is a digital release EP by russian and ukrainian producers.

DJ Osh-Kosh – Junglist Summer Fire

The Summer Junglist Fire Mix is out now for free download to the massive to enjoy.

Recoil – Text the Champion

A three deck mix. Some old tunes being released now, and some brand new dubs and tracks produced in an oldschool stylee.

DJ K – Killa Podcast 101

Lots of advance tunes here and just over an hour of the latest epic jungle sounds.

Release: UK Jungle Vol. 2

Wicked Jungle release with heavy mane bangers by Faul, Junglord, NickyNutz, Riffz, Omen Breaks, Supa Ape and many more.

FeyDer – Original Soundclash II

17 actual tunes (remixes and releases) mixed by FeyDer from Russia.

Free Album Releases by LLTA – Journey Through The Lost Archives

Osh-Kosh, Ritorto & Friends – Journeys Through The Lost Archives is made up of 70 tracks split into 4 albums.

Osh-Kosh – Balter Amen Mix

Osh-Kosh from Bristol made a mix with tunes by FFF, Illicit, DJ K, Andrey HoT, L.A.B., Bong-Ra, Capital J, General Malice, Stivs, Humb… and some own tunes.

Fresh Summer Collection – Junglist Network Clothes

Junglist Network have dropped their freshest collection yet this Summer, with a range of Sunglasses, Jackets, Backpacks, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Caps and Sweatshirts.

Junglecast 07 / 2016 – Default | Raggajungle.biz exclusive podcast

This is Junglecast number seven by Default with 19 heavyweight jungle tunes by Vocoda, L.A.B., Andrey HoT, Pastaman, 6Blocc, Simply Dread, Omen Breaks, 16AJ…

Label: Long Live The Animals

LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS is a label and soundsystem set up to corrupt the youth and help bring an end to the human race, giving rise to the new era of Animal rule.

Release: Ganjalistic EP

Neon Green 12″ E.P. vinyl record in a clear jacket featuring 4 Ganjalistic jungle tracks by Mighty Dreadnaut, Kid B, & Jah Condah.

Free Release: Mashed Youths Records – Red Collection Vol.1

Great free release with 6 tunes by 3 raggajungle soldiers Neekeetone, FeyDer and Slimjah!

Prodigal Son – RuffRugidandRaw Forever – A General Malice Tribute

A collection of Prodigal Son’s favorite General Malice tracks and collabs.

Tenor Fly Has Passed Away

Reggae artist and Jungle MC Tenor Fly has passed away on friday, 17th june. RIP King!